Nicki inspired Look

OMG! You’re hair is so pretty!!!!

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lesbianspaceprincex that’s a very good suggestion. Thank you! ❤️ Basically, it’d be a social name change that only certain people would be privy to. I like it. It’d be a secret I only share with certain people.

oh goodness, they will really come up with some wild shit. just proves that your name is too great for whiteness. <3 <3
Thanks love <3 I actually tried it out while I was in Minneapolis and yeah, this white dude goes “i can’t say that! I’ll just call you C” (cuz he thought it was spelled with a c). Sigh.
I would really love to be Karari for real, but I don’t think I’d have the patience.

I’ve been contemplating socially//legally changing my name to Karari.

But am I prepared for all the white people thinking my name is karate?

Or “karrari like ferrari?”


Sunday 💋. (at Art Hole)!


Sunday 💋. (at Art Hole)!

Day 233 & 234

It’s been a hectic day. That was my look yesterday. All the white heteros in town were staring but I looked fabulous in that color red.

And today well, I’m finally home and I’m gonna take a nap.

queercruzan you’re so sweet! Thank you boo!

cookie86 I love you too boo! :)

'A' accusations.

We’ll never know who A is.

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Day 231 and 232

It’s been a CRAZY weekend. Yay