Anonymous asked: I think I met you before under a different name. Did you live in San Antonio?

I don’t go by any other name than my own (with the exception of occasionally going by Karari). I don’t post my name very often so I dunno what other name you’re referring to?

But yes, I did live in SA for a while. Who are you?

ezermeno LOL well I did swallow the other day. i hear that good for brightening. LMAO. Or is that just a lie boys tell me?

That’s weird, it posted when i sent it to drafts. UGH. Darn you tumblr mobile.

I was tagged by autisticdean & homoarigato in the six selfie tag thingy. And y’all know I love taking sefles so thank you for tagging me.

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munz6691 asked: Danny is gone

Shut your mouth!!!!! He is not gone. He is just on vacation visiting a sick grandparent and he will be back cuter, browner, and queerer than ever and have lots of hot sex with the new queer character and they will live happily ever after, forever and ever amen!

OMG a new queer character on Teen Wolf?!

Please have him date Danny!!! Pleeeeease! Two interracial POC couples please!





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Fuck Yeah Queer Latin@s in Music!

  1. Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - “El Juidero”
    The debut album of the Santo Domingo based band, lead by lesbian afrodominicana singer Rita Indiana.

  2. Ricky Martin - “Música + Alma + Sexo”
    The latest musical release by the world famous Puerto Rican pop star, who in 2010 came out as proudly gay.

  3. Javiera Mena - “Mena”
    The sophomore album of the lesbian Chilean indie electropop artist who has become a favorite among Latin American indie music fans.

  4. StormMiguel Florez - “Long Lost Sun”
    The second full length album released by the trans Chicano cantador. He describes it as “sweet and haunting maricon/a folk rock”

  5. Nina Sky - “Nicole & Natalie”
    The third and most recent studio album by the island-born, mainlaind-raised Puerto Rican twins. The album includes production/mixing by openly lesbian DJ Ni* Sky (Nicole Albino)

  6. Zemmoa - “Puro desamor, vol 1”
    The first studio album by the trans mexicana nightlife and fashion socialite.

  7. Chavela Vargas - “Chavela At Carnegie Hall”
    Recorded during her sold-out show on September 15, 2003 at the legendary New York City hall, this album captures the emotive magic found in the voice of the late great Costa Rican ranchera singer.

  8. Cazuza - “Burguesia”
    The last studio album by the openly bisexual Brazilian singer and former vocalist of Barão Vermelho. The double album was recorded while the singer was already weak from an advanced stage of AIDS. 

  9. Lisa M - “Respect”The latest release by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and “Queen of Spanish Rap” who came out as lesbian via Facebook in 2010.

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An 18th century statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Guatemala.


An 18th century statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Guatemala.

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