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  • White Gay man: "I hate how white girls accessorize gay men."
  • White Gay man: *Accessorizes black women*

If I look up “carrot” in the dictionary, most people will acknowledge I do not know all there is to know about carrots and if I truly want to understand carrots, I should probably pick up a horticultural text book. We know that legal and medical terms are going to be, at best, simplistically represented and know we need to find a lawyer or a doctor if we want to know more. Anyone deciding to base their argument on, say, a philosophical concept or term using the dictionary is going to be laughed at at best, or automatically lose whatever argument they’re trying to make at least.

Yet the minute we move into a social justice framework, the ultimate authority changes. We don’t need lived experience, we don’t need experts who have examined centuries of social disparities and discrimination, we don’t need societal context. We don’t need sociology or history – no, we have THE DICTIONARY! That ultimate tome of oracular insight, the last word on any debate!

It’s patently ridiculous and you can see that by applying it to any other field of knowledge. But the privileged will continually trot out simplistic, twitter-style dictionary definitions as if they are the last word and the ultimate authority. No-one would drag out the dictionary to debate science with a scientist. But they’re more than willing to trot out a dictionary definition of racism over any sociological analysis. A dictionary is not the ultimate authority - they’re a rough guide for you to discover the simple meaning of words you’ve never heard before – not an ultimate definition of what the word means and all its contexts.

Womanist Musiings: The Dictonary and Marginalised People  (via afrometaphysics)

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Stay away from gay people who don’t want to be gay on front of children.

Stay away from straight “allies” who would rather you hide you’re gay in front of their kids.

Let me put it like this: everyone wants acceptance, and I do want acceptance, but am I willing to compromise for that acceptance? No. Am I willing to make my image more masculine? No. Am I willing to basically change anything about myself to become more accepted in those circles? No, because I don’t like giving the heterosexual world that much credit. But, you know, acceptance would be nice. Mykki Blanco (via socialistexan)

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don’t ever talk to someone while you’re horny it is a bad idea and you’ll regret it

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Femininity in general is seen as frivolous. People often say feminine people are doing “the most”, meaning that to don a dress, heels, lipstick, and big hair is artifice, fake, and a distraction. But I knew even as a teenager that my femininity was more than just adornments; they were extensions of me, enabling me to express myself and my identity. My body, my clothes, and my makeup are on purpose, just as I am on purpose. — Janet Mock, Redefining Realness (via lovelyandbrown)

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A Simple Bottom Line


Arguing that trans women have male privilege because they were “raised as boys” makes exactly as much sense as arguing that lesbians have straight privilege because they were “raised as heterosexuals”.

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